Roulette World 2015 – Football Fever!


realsoccerrouletteappPlay the casino game roulette on the go or at home in Roulette World 2014 – Football Fever!. Developed by Andrew Hubbard.

App Features

Offering a unique visual style with enhanced visuals. Players want games with impressive visuals and Roulette World 2014 does not disappoint. A well designed roulette wheel mixes itself with a nice table for placing bets.

Don’t forget sound effects. Roulette World 2014 features a full set of sound effects to help with immersion for the player. Both sound effects and music can also be disabled with ease.

Roulette World 2014 also offers a clutter free UI making it easy to play. The slick UI makes it easy to place bets, spin the wheel and remove bets placed.

For those that want a change of pace choose from over 20 different betting styles. Choose the style that fits or simply try them all and see all the different ways to bet in roulette.

Visuals only offer so much to any video game this is why Roulette World 2014 offers incredibly realistic game play. No need to go to a casino when the realistic play style is replicated so well in this title.

Roulette World 2014 also offers odds just like a real casino providing players with the ability to see what the odds really are. Players will experience the same challenge faced at a real casino. Use these odds to help craft a better betting habit when out at a real casino.

Game Center is built in as well. With Game Center’s leader boards players can challenge their friends, and see how they compare with others with ease.

Roulette World 2014 is available for free in the app store that features ads that pop up, however there is an option to pay to unlock the game with no ads. There is also an in-game currency that is replenished on a daily basis or can be purchased in-game. There are numerous options when buying coins to allow each player the ability to choose what’s best for them.

More Game Detail

The most recent update brought support for iOS 8 and iPhone 6. Within the update a large number of bugs were fixed. Now players can play on the new OS and device with fewer bugs.