Movies Appearing on Lifetime

Movies that appear on Lifetime

Lifetime is a premiere network that offers several drama-based movies and shows that re based on real life experiences. The Lifetime network will offer more shows based on real life events and stories than any other tv network. Their shows are exceptionally created and viewers return daily to watch their programming events. In 2012, Lifetime offers several movies that are sure to impress all viewers.

TV Online from the Lifetime Network

Lies My Mother Told Me is a movie based on real events and the life of Elisa McNabney and the movie character of Lauren Sims. A con woman and loving mother she decides to change her ways and be the mother her daughter Haylei Sims desperately needs.  Beginning in theCarolinas, Lauren is busted for fraud and serves time in prison. After she is released, she goes back to her con lifestyle and fearing going back to prison tracks across theUnited Stateswith her daughter and stealing the identities of those she meets to survive. She then falls in love with a wealthy rancher and tries to settle down, but soon she cons him and to avoid being caught murders him and flees toFlorida.


A new and long awaited movie appearing on Lifetime is the Drew Peterson Story, Untouchable. Drew is played by Rob Lowe and this charismaticChicagocop is undeniably a womanizer. In his third marriage, he suddenly finds he has affections for a new younger woman Stacy. As he courts Stacy, his third wife becomes suspicious and his marriage becomes severely strained. Before their divorce can be finalized his third wife Kathleen is found mysteriously dead in an empty bathtub. He soon marries Stacy and while pregnant with their first child, she mysteriously disappears. The authorities become suspicious of Drew and begin to go back into the case of his thirds wife supposed accidental death while searching for his missing fourth wife. Is Drew a victim of terrible misfortune and circumstance or will the police find him guilty of terrible crimes before he can marry his fifth wife?

Suspense and Drama

For suspense, Lifetime has a wonderful line up of movies and tv online, one is A Friend of the Family. Starring Eric Johnson, Kim Coates and Laura Harris this movie is based on the real life story of Allison Shaw. Allison becomes suspicious of her neighbor as being involved in the serial killings that is targeting the women in her new hometown. No one seems to feel that her suspicions have merit and as she alienates those around her and her friends, she turns to her husband for support. Her neighbor David is also her husband’s business partner and when she reveals her fears that David may be the killer to her husband, she is surprised to find he does not believe her as well. Soon she fears for her own life as she becomes convinced that David is going to kill her too to keep her quiet.


Walking the Halls is a movie about a mom, Holly who becomes suspicious of her daughter Casey who is behaving oddly and hires a private investigator. Holly and her daughter who is 17 have recently moved toLos Angelesand it seems that Casey makes friends quickly with some of the popular cheerleaders in her school. Holly is happy that the move has not been to stressful for her daughter and that she is fitting in with her new friends. Soon though Holly discovers that Casey’s attitude and behavior are quite alarming and nothing like the Casey, she knows. Concerned she seeks the help of the P.I. Sue Ann to help her find why Casey seems so disturbed. What does Sue uncover about Casey and her friends and the wealthy older men some of the girls are dating?

Lifetime Movies

Lifetime movies will creatively and progressively feature movies that deal with real life issues and after their success with the 2010 movie The Pregnancy Pact has Lifetime featuring a another movie The Pregnancy Project that will take another look at teen pregnancy and the nations viewpoint on the subject. Based on Gaby Rodriguez and her true life story as she pretended to be pregnant to explore the reactions and stereotypes that are targeted towards teen moms. Starring Alex Vega and Judy Reyes The Pregnancy Project will help complete the wealthy movie programming available on the Lifetime Network.