Knowing More about Online Casino Players Online Gaming

 A large number of online casinos generally offer some kind of bonus for new players, by providing them a hand out of $50 – $100 when the players make a first casino deposit. It is interesting to note that there are a few casinos which do not require a player to make a deposit in order to get the free cash bonus. According to, Today competition amongst online casinos is a lot higher and as a result all online casinos are trying to attract new players by offering them attractive sign up bonuses. A majority of these online casinos require a player to place a minimum deposit which they will either match or offer a definite percentage of the amount. Example: 50% match bonus means that for every $100 deposited, you’ll get $50 added free to your online casino account. Generally there are maximum amounts that an online casino will pay out, but these hinge on the type of bonuses being offered. Nevertheless there are a few online casinos that do not require a player to make a deposit in order to receive the free welcome cash bonus. Online casinos that do not expect a player to make a deposit are simply allowing the player to experience the true playing nature of the games by playing for money, before making a monetary commitment or permitting players to try new games and casino software. It is the same way casino software lets a player play games in free mode. Today one can find even better bonus offers for new players such as – ‘Free spins’ or ‘Free minutes’. The thing about this is that players are given some free cash to play the games and keep their winnings! Yes, you read it right, the players can play for free and win real cash. However one must understand that generally there is a cap on the actual amount of winnings one can take home. Nonetheless, if you win big, especially on a progressive jackpot slots, you can make a deposit and continue playing at the online casino. One can avail of such interesting offers by doing an online search, such offers are time sensitive (limited period offers); these bonuses are exclusive and not offered for regular visitors. It is extremely important to read the fine print very carefully while selecting a bonus scheme – with a deposit or without a deposit. Online casinos want you to join the ranks of their satisfied players, but there is NO such thing as free money. Online casinos need to make money too and this will not happen if they have to hand out $50 to every new player that comes along. Rule of the thumb is that: The higher the bonus, larger is the deposit that should be made, and hence the lower the percentage. You can find a 300% bonus of $100 free (200% match) but in order to receive $1000 free cash, you need to deposit some $3000-$5000 (20-30% match). Before playing at an online casino check out the various bonuses offered, if you find anything that suits your needs then go ahead and play.