• Movies Appearing on Lifetime
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    Movies that appear on Lifetime Lifetime is a premiere network that offers several drama-based movies and shows that re based on real life experiences. The Lifetime network will offer more shows based on real life events and stories than any other tv network. Their shows are exceptionally created and viewers return daily to watch their […]

  • BroadPeak Announced Lead European VoD Rankings
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    BroadPeak Announced Lead European VoD Rankings As a leading CDN or Content Delivery Networks and VoD or Video-on-Demand service provider for IPTV, Hybrid TV and cable operators, BroadPeak reported that they have ranked top on the latest VoD rankings by the Multimedia research Group Inc, IPTV Market Readers Report. This report covered the Autumn and […]

  • Erica Rhodes Seductive
    Finding Erica Rhodes
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    Finding Erica Rhodes Blonde beauty and America’s sweet and sour heart, Erica Rhodes has long been a fixture in the horror film community, but she continues to remain true to her acting roots and will appear on the Prairie Home Companion in Hawaii this month and in January.  This Los Angeles Star is making some […]

  • US Sports
    Los Angeles Star EU and US NEWS and SPORTS
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    Los Angeles Star EU and US NEWS and SPORTS US News, European Union News and Sports News are all available at  Comments and suggestions for news stories are always welcome.  If you want more information about the news that matters most, then return to the Los Angeles Star for more info on Sports and […]

  • News Now
    News Now September 1st 2001
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    News Now September 1st 2001 Experts on the US Economy and budget have announced that the surplus of funds that the government has accumulated will soon be gone.  American taxpayers have been been able to sustain a very high level of income for the US government, but the funds are now 45% less than in […]