BroadPeak Announced Lead European VoD Rankings

BroadPeak Announced Lead European VoD Rankings

As a leading CDN or Content Delivery Networks and VoD or Video-on-Demand service provider for IPTV, Hybrid TV and cable operators, BroadPeak reported that they have ranked top on the latest VoD rankings by the Multimedia research Group Inc, IPTV Market Readers Report. This report covered the Autumn and Winter times of 2011 and it provides BroadPeak its second top rank achievement over other IPTV VoD server software providers in Europe.

Jacques le Mancq, President and CEO of BroadPeak stated that, they will use the company’s success to develop a global profile in providing highly marketable VoD technologies to the rising numbers of service vendors worldwide. This is in answer to the on going consumer demand for Internet video viewing of the highest qualities. He further said that, the company is very pleased for the recognition bestowed on them by MRG as the top VoD server software provider in Europe and this ranking will influence bigger market share.

The President of MRG Inc, Gary Schultz, said that, the rise in the demand for high quality video in mobile and IPTV markets in Europe, BroadPeak is in the ideal position to expand their services in these markets with their VoD server software.

MRG Inc reported that the top ranking they have given for BroadPeak as the leading VoD vendor in Europe was based on the number of IPTV subscribers that actively use and support the company’s services and products.

The statistics was authenticated through the use of triangulation data gathering done by IPTV operators and other vendors with the use of top-down as well as the bottom-up method. This ranking is done twice a year to track and evaluate the performance of the top 120 IPTV providers in the 6 major sectors of the IPTV market, which are; IPTV access systems, VoD server software, VHE (video head end) systems, STBs (set-top-boxes), middleware and CP/DRM (content protection/digital rights management). For the report for the last half of 2011, there were more than 930 IPTV service vendors that were put under monitoring to reach the final results.