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Online Gaming Videos

Curious about the legality of games in the United States?  You are not alone.  In a recent poll conducted by the Los Angeles Star, 300 Los Angelians were asked if online gambling and online poker is legal in the United States.  89% of those asked the question responded that it is in fact legal.  This means that 11% of were correctly informed about the status of gaming in the US.  Gaming videos from the UK are showing up online on places like YouTube, that demonstrate the features and games in online casinos.  Are these videos part of a media campaign of disinformation to get US citizens to play online games with gaming companies outside of the US?

Gaming Videos from the UK

Because YouTube is an international forum, there clearly is no need to make the distinction that gaming videos like Casino Las Vegas Video are anything more than just a website doing a review about a gaming facility in the UK.  As you can see in this Intercasino Video, this is clearly just a demonstration of the gaming options that people have when playing at this online casino.

When the 300 people were asked what led them to believe that online gambling in the US is legal, none of them mentioned the IGEA Online Gambling Law and were not even aware of the law on the books.  The law has been in place since 2006.

Currently, US legislation is being modified to include games like online poker as new sources of revenue for States such as Iowa and Nevada.